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Low Voltage Switchgear

Low voltage switchgear is responsible for the control, protection, measurement, conversion and distribution of electric energy in the low-voltage power supply system. Since the low-voltage switchgear is in-depth at the production site, public places, residential buildings, etc., it can be said that all places where electrical equipment is used must be Equipped with this equipment, about 80% of China's electric energy is provided by low-voltage switchgear. The development of low-voltage switchgear is rooted in the material industry, low-voltage electrical appliances, processing technology and equipment, infrastructure construction and people's living standards.
Low voltage switchgear product features
1. Reasonable design: unitized design according to the characteristics of various switch electrical appliances such as escape, graphic production, and combined into functional units.
2. Universal structure and flexible assembly: C-shaped profiles meet various structural forms. I view the level of protection and the requirements of using surrounding conditions.
3. Standard modules: It can be composed of protection, operation, conversion, control and other standard unit module structure.
4. Safety protection: The isolation between the areas and the isolation between the incoming and outgoing lines of the functional units are used to effectively enhance the safety protection performance.
5. Technical parameters: The main technical parameters are at the international leading level.
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