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Hot Switchgear

XD HI-TECH is a technology company integrating R&D and manufacturing. It is specialized in producing high and low voltage electrical complete sets of equipment, thermal protector equipment, thermostat equipment, overload protector equipment, temperature control switch equipment, custom-made a non-standard automation, power distribution cabinet housing company.
Hot switchgear refers to a device that can control the thermal contact or thermal separation between two objects. The most common are gas switches, mechanical switches, superconducting switches, and magnetic heat switches.
1.Gas switch
Two untouched objects, if they are in a high vacuum environment, have very poor heat transfer to each other, and are in a state of thermal separation. After a small amount of helium is charged, heat transfer between the two objects is performed between the two objects. Thermal contact is achieved, which acts as a thermal switch.
2. Mechanical switch
There are two types of clamps and flats. When the B object is clamped by a pliers that is thermally connected to the A object, it is thermally connected, and the pliers are thermally separated when released. The flat plate can be thermally connected or separated from the B object by a telescopic tube or a telescopic joint of the Wilson joint. In order to reduce the thermal resistance at the time of contact, a high thermal conductivity metal plate such as silver, gold or copper should be welded at the contact.
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