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High Voltage Switchgear

High Voltage Switchgear refers to indoor and outdoor AC switchgear operating in a power system with a voltage of 3kV and above and a frequency of 50Hz and below. It is mainly used for the control and protection of power systems (including power plants, substations, transmission and distribution lines, and industrial and mining enterprises).
It can be used to put some power equipment or lines into or out of operation according to the needs of power grid operation, or in power equipment or When the line fails, the fault part is quickly cut off from the power grid, thus ensuring the normal operation of the fault-free part of the power grid and the safety of equipment, operation and maintenance personnel. Therefore, high-voltage switchgear is a very important transmission and distribution equipment, and its safe and reliable operation is of great significance to the safe and effective operation of the power system.
High voltage switchgear is widely used in urban power grid construction and renovation projects, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings and public facilities. As a ring network power supply unit and terminal equipment, it plays a role in the protection of electric energy distribution, control and electrical equipment. It can also be installed in Box-type substation.
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